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A smarter method that helps you get remote video editor jobs 10x faster!

The process of finding a job is complicated and time-consuming. Hundreds of job boards, tools and lots of copy-pasting. It’s a competitive job market out there. How do keep on top and beat your competition to the wealth of work?

We designed a unique 5 step process to allow creative industry professionals get that job faster with minimum effort.

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  • Smarter job automation

    FasterGig is the first end to end job search automation method that helps individuals book more interviews and find their next job super fast.

  • Jump ahead of the line

    Forgot the "standing in line" mentality of job boards. Find and collect hundreds of hidden, targeted jobs and apply on your own.

  • Personalized contact

    FasterGig gives you the tools needed to automatically discover the hiring manager. It then directly sends a personalised message and applies to the job on your behalf.

  • Mass apply to jobs

    Learn how to send a customized cover letter and resume directly to as many jobs and as many hiring managers as you want - with one template and one click!

  • Quicker responses

    Using our pre-made and tested templates you start getting responses.

  • Track progress

    You can track email open ratios, and optimize your emails for even better results.

"This method was so easy to learn and apply. It was a little rough at first to start seeing results but with a little consistency and not giving up the interviews started arriving."
Natisha photo - video editor review
Maria Ascevedo
Video Editor
"I was not getting any results from job boards. Sending a resume and hoping for a response is not the way to do it. Faster Gig taught me a better way to be more proactive"
Alexa photo - video editor review
Janet DeNario
"5 stars for this amazing method that literally made me land my first job. I used the Fast Gig method on job hunting and the whole process was super easy once it got going."
barry photo - video editor review
Michaele Ridge
Video Editor

Job boards are too slow

Let’s face it, job boards are for the masses.

Tons of unemployed people are looking for the same jobs on Indeed, LinkedIn and others. How is it possible to stick out and show a hiring manager you’re the one for the role when you’re just standing in line with the rest?

Then there are ATS job boards:

This can make it even harder for job seekers to find openings that are a good match for their skills and experience. You need to make sure your resume is optimized for ATS systems in order to be seen by potential employers. 

Video editing jobs - fast!

We specialize in helping job seekers in the video production industry land their dream job quickly by providing helpful tips, hand-picked job listings, and the latest remote gig jobs. 

With our expertise in video production jobs, we can help you find the right role that fits your skills and experience.

Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced professional, we have a wide range of jobs for video production and editing that can help you take your career to the next level. So why wait? Sign up today and start your journey to find a job fast in video production!