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Why is this a free service?

After noticing many of my colleagues, friends and followers having a tough time finding work in the video production industry, I felt compelled to make a difference in 2023.

So I went ahead and spent the past 3 months, my own money and tons of time with outsourced developers and creative professionals, to create this site. Not only will you find the highest paying freelance gigs in the industry but it will also teach you a smarter, automated method that will get you those gigs 10 times faster than anyone else – and with minimum effort.

I personally used this growth hack method for years to stay ahead of competition with my own freelance side hustle.

I hope you find it useful.

A few expectations to set before registering:

  1. is functional but still beta testing – which means it’s not 100% perfect. But it will be thanks to all of you. 
  2. Feedback is helpful – put under the microscope, rip us apart and don’t be afraid to ask for features or changes. You’re here to help pave the way for a better experience. The little chat icon in the corner? Don’t be afraid to use it
  3. Be responsible with direct contact information – all featured jobs (in yellow) have the highest pay and a direct contact found by using the exact method we teach. Only send the link to your FasterGig portfolio that contains your demo reel and full resume. All other forms of communication will be ignored and seriously hurt your chance of getting hired.
  4. We closely monitor for spam – spam is taken seriously and if you’re going to use to send spam, we will know about it quickly and unfortunately have to escort you off the platform.