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A smarter method that will help you get the job you want 10x faster!

The process of finding a job is complicated and time-consuming. Hundreds of job boards, tools and lots of copy-pasting. It’s a competitive job market out there. How do keep on top and beat your competition to the wealth of work?

We designed a unique 5 step process to allow anyone to get a job faster with minimum effort.

  • Smarter job automation

    FasterGig is the first end to end job search automation method that helps individuals book more interviews and find their next job super fast.

  • Jump ahead of the line

    Forgot the "standing in line" mentality of job boards. Find and collect hundreds of hidden, targeted jobs and apply on your own.

  • Personalized contact

    FasterGig gives you the tools needed to automatically discover the hiring manager. It then directly sends a personalised message and applies to the job on your behalf.

  • Mass apply to jobs

    Learn how to send a customized cover letter and resume directly to as many jobs and as many hiring managers as you want - with one template and one click!

  • Quicker responses

    Using our pre-made and tested templates you start getting responses.

  • Track progress

    You can track email open ratios, and optimize your emails for even better results.