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5 Reasons Why Video Editors Don’t Get Work

As a video editor, it can be frustrating to not be getting work despite having the necessary skills and experience.

There are several reasons why this may happen, and it’s important to understand them in order to take steps to improve your chances of getting hired.

A lack of visibility

The video editing industry is competitive, and if potential clients or employers don’t know about you and your work, they won’t be able to hire you. This can be due to a lack of networking, not having a strong online presence, or not being active in industry groups or forums.

A lack of diversification

Many editors specialize in one type of video, such as music videos or commercials. While this can be a good way to establish a niche, it can also limit the types of projects an editor is able to work on. Diversifying your skills and experience, such as learning new editing software or expanding your knowledge of different video genres, can make you a more attractive candidate to potential clients and employers.

You don’t have a professional portfolio

A professional portfolio is a collection of your best work that showcases your editing skills and experience. A strong portfolio can help you stand out from other editors and make a great first impression on potential clients and employers.


If you are charging too much for your services, it can make you less competitive in the industry. On the other hand, if you are charging too little, it can make potential clients and employers question the quality of your work. Finding the right balance between pricing and value is essential to getting more work as a video editor.

No industry connections

If you are not connected to the right people in the industry, it can be difficult to get your foot in the door. Networking is key to getting work as a video editor, and building relationships with other editors, directors, and producers can open up new opportunities.

In conclusion, there are several reasons why a video editor may not be getting work, including a lack of visibility, diversification, a weak portfolio, pricing issues and lack of industry connections. By understanding these factors, video editors can take steps to improve their chances of getting hired and build a successful career in the video editing industry.

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