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An Optimized LinkedIn Profile Means Success

(00:00) hello everyone welcome to Career flow I am Brenda Jain and I am here to help you land your dream job I know it’s difficult but let’s get started if you’re new don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to our YouTube channel if you’re still looking for your dream job and you haven’t landed one today we’re going to talk about what is a LinkedIn optimized profile why do you need to optimize this profile in the first place enter some very small tweaks that you can do today to have an

(00:29) optimized LinkedIn profile which will help you plan this dream job that you’ve always always wanted so let’s get started what do we mean by an optimized LinkedIn profile so basically an optimized LinkedIn profile means that we have an active and visible profile on LinkedIn LinkedIn is this Professional Network there’s millions of people just like you trying to get that job but what stands you out is that very visible and very relevant profile the more optimized your profile is the more recruiters will see it the more

(01:07) chances of you Landing that dream job that you’ve been wanting why do we need an optimized LinkedIn profile so there are three things one an optimized LinkedIn profile helps you gain more visibility and helps you expand your network a professional Network in today’s range is your net worth so if you have a largely expanded in multiple Industries multiple people Network you are very valuable so that’s what optimized LinkedIn profile helps you with and the third thing it does most of the recruiters probably around

(01:46) 90 percent of recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn as their primary source of hiring people for the jobs they are hiring for so if you have the right optimized profile if you get visible to them if you are available to them to be hired in their dashboard there is no chance that the job can slip out of your hands so having an optimized LinkedIn profile is very very essential for you now that we know how important optimized LinkedIn profile is top three ways what you can do to optimize your profile just today one have a very

(02:26) professional picture of yourself with your face clearly visible don’t wear caps don’t wear shades or goggles or anything just keep your face very visible don’t make it a very far off picture with all the background Aesthetics because people want to see you they want to put a face to the name they’re reading about that’s one two have a very compelling and rightly keyworded headline the first few words that a person reads about you right after your name is your headline if it’s rightly filled with keywords if it has all the

(03:04) information about you there’s no chance people will miss your profile and step 3 is having a very well written summary section there are all other sections to help you give all the information about you but this section gives you the chance to fill all the very important keywords especially the soft skills that usually get left out when you’re working on your expression section because you’re always very busy telling about what you really did so this section the summary or the about section helps you expand and tell
(03:46) about your personality bring out what you bring to the table in front of the recruiter these are the top three things you can do today to optimize your LinkedIn profile so basically in conclusion having an optimized LinkedIn profile is very very essential to you being a professional in the professional world it helps you expand your network gives you visibility in front of recruiters and hiring managers all you have to do there is be there on LinkedIn try and optimize your profile and if you want to get 10x results and

(04:22) you want to do it as fast as possible don’t forget to check out our LinkedIn optimization tool we’ll drop the link in our description box and if you have any questions please drop them in the comment section we’ll try and answer them for today that’s all but we will soon come back with another video to help you out find your dream job.

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