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We’re super excited to share that five amazing companies have just teamed up with us at FasterGig, and guess what? They’re on the hunt for stellar video editors like you to jazz up their creative squads.

This is your golden ticket to rub elbows with top-tier organizations and pour your heart and soul into projects you’re passionate about.

Let’s give a warm welcome to our new friends:

  • Cambrick Yard LLC is making waves with their online brand development and content marketing magic. They’re always on the lookout for YouTube Video Editors who are ready to make some internet gold.
  • Chegg is all about turning education into something more accessible, affordable, and downright awesome. They always need Video Editors to help bring learning to life.
  • Finixio is where digital marketing dreams come true, reaching audiences far and wide. They’re strong with searching for Japanese Speaking Video Editors.
  • Golden Hippo is on a mission to spread health and wellness with their direct-response marketing know-how. Video Editors are always wanted for their teams.
  • Hopper is revolutionizing travel with their mobile-only agency, predicting prices with big data magic. They’re looking for a Senior Performance Level Marketing Designers-Video Editors.

And here’s something cool: if you’re a candidate member with us, your resume is front and center, ready for the top picks. Freebie members, don’t worry – your talents won’t hide; employers can easily find you.

We’re here to make sure you’re all set to grab these opportunities. With new and thrilling roles popping up on our platform, there’s no better time to spruce up your resume and profile.

Need a little inspiration?

Here’s a screenshot of the perfect profile to get you started. Update yours to stand out and get noticed.

cv sample min

Cheers to landing your dream gig,

The FasterGig Team

P.S. Need a hand updating your profile or have questions? Hit us up by email – or just click the chat icon in the lower right hand corner of this page – we’re here to help!

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