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Cover letter? This is far more effective at getting a response

Create project ideas to send to startups

Instead of emailing hiring managers a generic cover letter, we’re going to email them what I call an idea-first cover letter. This type of letter is more effective at capturing attention and getting a response.

To complete the idea portion of the email template we created in Step 4, you need to come up with one good project idea that you believe will improve the company. To do this, perform some brief research on the company. Don’t spend more than 5–10 minutes on this.

After your research, write your idea. Make it specific and succinct. Don’t exceed three to four sentences, or one short paragraph.

Here’s an example of an idea I created for the first company on my spreadsheet, Trio.

Investing your checking balance is a novel idea and we should show why it’s also a good idea. We can do this with a post called “The Returns of Investing Your Checking Balance” that shows what happens to a real checking balance of $5,000 over a period of a few weeks with Trio (with screenshots, video, etc). I’m happy to use my checking account!

As you create your idea for each startup, add it to the Idea column of your spreadsheet.

When you’re done creating your ideas, your spreadsheet should look something like this:

Note: I used generic ideas for the other four startups on my spreadsheet because I’m only doing this as an example. Be sure to make your ideas original and specific to the startup!

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