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Not Hearing Back From A Hiring Manager? Try This Tip

Navigating the job search landscape can feel like an uphill battle, a sentiment echoed by many who’ve tread this path solo. The silence that often follows after submitting a resume can be particularly disheartening. However, a TikTok user has shared a creative workaround for this all-too-common dilemma.

The strategy?

If a hiring manager hasn’t responded to your application, give them a call and mention you’re returning a missed call about the job application you submitted. TikToker @vioticcc brought this idea to life with a brief video clip of her dancing in her car, captioned with her plan to call her desired employer under the pretense of returning their call.

Since its posting on Monday, the video has captivated over 1.3 million viewers, sparking a broad spectrum of responses.

While opinions on this job-hunting tactic were divided, several viewers chimed in with their own experiences, reporting mixed but sometimes successful outcomes.

One commenter recounted an awkward moment of being told by an employer that calls about applications were made only on Wednesdays. Another shared a humorous encounter where a Bath and Body Works manager directly refuted the claim of a missed call. Yet another viewer revealed how a similar approach landed them a job by pretending to follow up on a discussion about an interview that never actually happened.

Some even took a bolder step, walking into their desired workplace and claiming they had an interview scheduled that day, leading to actual interviews thanks to managers not wanting to appear disorganized.

Curiosity arose about whether this unconventional method worked for @vioticcc herself. She confirmed in the comments with a simple “yup,” suggesting that sometimes, thinking outside the box can indeed open doors in the challenging quest for employment.

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