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Three reasons you’re struggling in your job search

Finding joy and fulfillment in a job where you truly feel you belong far outweighs the motivation of simply earning a paycheck.

Let’s dive into the three main challenges job seekers often face in their quest for the perfect position:

Self-Talk Matters

Believe it or not, the key to success lies not in your circumstances, but in the stories you tell yourself about them.

Your mind is constantly in conversation with you, shaping your actions, beliefs, values, and emotions. If you catch yourself thinking, “I won’t get hired because I’m overqualified and they’ll assume I’ll leave soon,” you’re missing the real reasons behind the struggle in your job search. This mindset shifts the blame to external factors rather than addressing potential areas for improvement like your LinkedIn profile, CV, interview techniques, or networking efforts.

Remind yourself, “My qualifications and experience are vast. I just need to find the right employer who sees them as strengths. My ideal job is out there waiting for me!”

Shifting your internal narrative can empower you and lead to significant positive changes in your life. As a job seeker, hold onto the belief that if you believe in something, it can be achieved.

Setting Realistic Expectations

The secret to happiness? Realistic expectations, especially true in job hunting. Your expectations shape your outlook; meeting or surpassing them tends to boost your morale, while falling short can lead to disappointment.

It’s common to see job seekers aiming to replicate a past role’s success, inadvertently lengthening their job search. Maybe in your last role, you had a high salary, generous bonuses, and ample perks. However, circumstances change, and it’s crucial to adapt your expectations accordingly.

Be practical about your immediate needs versus your desires. Focusing on what’s truly necessary can help you adjust and live within your means, reducing stress and enhancing happiness. Ask yourself whether the lifestyle you’re striving to maintain is really worth the pressure. Could a simpler life bring more peace and contentment?

A successful job search doesn’t just involve finding any job—it’s about finding the right fit quickly, acknowledging the competitive landscape.

Seeking Your Tribe

Here’s the golden nugget of job search advice: Don’t just look for any job; search for a place where you truly belong. Find your tribe!

Take the story of a marketing executive turned golf store manager. His previous high-pressure job was replaced by one that aligned with his passion for golf, leading to greater happiness and an improved golf game. While the financial rewards may differ, the satisfaction and sense of belonging he now experiences are invaluable.

Reflect on what excites you, the values that are important to you, and the skills you love to use. Aim for organizations where you’ll fit in seamlessly.

Prioritizing the search for a place where you feel you truly belong is the most reliable guide in your job hunt.

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