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In-Demand Editing Skills for 2024: Why Motion Graphics is a Must-Have

The landscape of editing jobs is rapidly evolving, with certain skills now in higher demand than ever before, while others remain underappreciated.

The conversation within the industry, especially in online forums, sheds light on these trends and offers valuable insights into what skills are becoming indispensable and which jobs are underrated yet rewarding.

High Demand: Editors with Motion Graphics Skills

In the advertising industry, there’s a clear call for editors who possess not only traditional editing skills but also competencies in motion graphics, particularly Adobe After Effects (AE). This demand stems from the growing need for content that blends video editing with dynamic graphic elements to capture audience attention in an increasingly crowded digital space. The consensus among professionals is that having basic AE skills is becoming a necessity, not just an added bonus. However, the reality on the ground is that many editors find themselves juggling editing and graphics work, often without additional compensation or extended deadlines, which can dilute the quality of both elements.

The Challenge of Blending Roles

The blending of editing and motion graphics roles is not without its challenges. Some editors express concerns over the expectation to handle both tasks, noting that it can lead to burnout and compromise the quality of work. Agencies and studios often operate under tight deadlines and budgets, pushing for this dual skill set to save costs and streamline processes. Yet, this approach can overlook the benefits of specialized teamwork and the creative synergy that comes from having dedicated professionals for each task.

Underrated Editing Jobs

  1. Social Media Content Editing: With the explosion of content on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, there’s a growing niche for editors who can create engaging social media videos. These roles often require a mix of traditional editing and motion graphics skills, with a strong understanding of what captivates the digital audience.
  2. Corporate and B2B Content: While not the most glamorous, editing for corporate and business-to-business (B2B) projects is noted for its stability and decent budgets. These projects may not be portfolio highlights, but they offer consistent work and financial rewards.
  3. Documentary Editing: Long-form documentary editors are in a unique position where their skills are always in demand. Crafting a compelling narrative from raw footage requires a deep understanding of storytelling and the patience to sift through extensive material to find the heart of the story.
  4. Motion Capture Production Editing: An emerging field with growing interest is editing for motion capture productions. While not yet widely recognized as high demand, those with experience in this area find themselves with a unique skill set that can set them apart in the job market.

The Value of Specialization

Despite the push for editors to wear multiple hats, there’s a strong argument for the value of specialization. Deep expertise in a specific area of editing can make professionals indispensable and allow them to command higher rates. Furthermore, projects that recognize and utilize specialized skills often result in higher quality outcomes and more satisfying work for those involved.


The editing profession is at a crossroads, with technological advancements and shifting market demands creating new opportunities and challenges. While the industry values editors with versatile skills, especially in motion graphics, there remains a strong case for the importance of specialization. Whether choosing to broaden one’s skill set or deepen expertise in a particular niche, editors have the chance to carve out rewarding careers in this dynamic field. The key is finding the balance between versatility and specialization, ensuring that quality is never compromised in the pursuit of efficiency or broader job prospects.

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